Area High School Sports… Successful Year In Adverse Times

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Topsail Youth Sports Daily | Daily Blog

Daily Blog .. Thursday May 7 2020 Area High School Sports… A Successful Year In Adverse Times

Our area communities in the last 18 months have battled adversity with Hurricane Florence September 2018.. Hurricane Dorian September .. 2019 and currently dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Yes, sports have to be put in the proper perspective during adverse times like we have dealt with recently. Our communities continue to be strong and resilient. Our county government, school district and town leaders have done a excellent job in some difficult times. Our area will again overcome adversity and be stronger.

The high school sports year for our student athletes is complete with the cancellation of the spring sports season.  It’s was a successful year for our area schools. Dixon  Boys Soccer won the NCHSAA 2A State Soccer Championship in November. The Topsail Pirate Cheerleaders won the NCHSAA 3A State Cheerleading Championship in December. The Topsail mens Swimming and Diving Team claimed NCHSAA  3A  East Regional Runner Up. Both Topsail and Dixon had multiple teams advance to the state playoffs. The Spring season teams were off to great starts before the season was suspended and eventually cancelled due to the pandemic. Not the way we prefer the high school sports year to end for the senior spring sports athletes.

I will close with positive insight as we look to the future for our student athletes as we near the end of the current school year. For the student athletes, I look at it as life lessons learned that will last a lifetime. “ Self Accountability”…Holding yourself responsible for making good decisions, doing the right things and holding yourself accountable when you fail… With schools being closed and athletic activities canceled for the remainder of the year I see our area student athletes doing the right things. Online virtual learning… athletes working out on their own with guidance from coaches..all in hopes of returning to school and field or court at some point this summer.

Happy!!  “Appreciation Week” to our Teachers…Coaches… and Administration…You are all Greatly Appreciated !!!

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