Daily Blog… March 31 2020

Topsail Youth Sports Daily Blog | March 31 2020

Topsail Youth Sports Daily Blog
March 31 2020

Daily Blog….. Tuesday…March 31 2020

Topsail Youth Sports Daily will update you on the current day news and happenings in our coverage are with the Daily Blog. As you have your mind on topics other than sports at this time. The  Coronavirus Pandemic issue has changed the way we live our daily lives. Like most of you I try to stay  current on any news and recommendations of the experts and government officials. Our area has been very fortunate with the number of cases. To keep it that way everyone has to follow the advice of the experts. Social Distancing, good personal hygiene and stay home as much as possible.

As far as a Youth Sports update Topsail Youth Sports Daily will be continuing with The Youth and Coaches Corner Spotlight over the next month or so. I’m optimistic that sooner rather than later that normalcy will return to our lives.  My feelings over the last few weeks has been on our Senior Student Athletes missing out on their Senior Season. While it is not a promise of happening, some hopeful information came out today. The NCHSAA (North Carolina High School Athletic Association) published a statement today. The commissioner stated that the association sincerely hoped that they are able to return in the near future. Hopeful to be able to play a spring season and complete the basketball state championships.  LIKE I SAID   NO GUARANTEE IT WILL HAPPEN… IT WAS GREAT TO HEAR SOMETHING HOPEFUL AT THE LEAST.