Student Athletes…Adjust Daily To COVID-19 Guidelines…Just Thrilled To Return to the Field And Court

Tri-County Youth Sports Daily

Tri-County Youth Sports Daily

Student Athletes  …. Adjust Daily to COVID-19 Guidelines…Just Thrilled To Return To Field and Court

The COVID-19 Pandemic has without  a doubt had a adverse effect on everyone over they last 8 months. When it comes to the sports world, professional an college sports, although nothing like normal have continued during the pandemic. Youth Recreation Sports has partially returned for the most part travel team sports with weekend tournaments.

High school and Athletics are a more complicated issue when it comes to COVID-19 issues. Number one schools need to be open for instruction.  While schools are open, the method of learning either in school of online learning differs from one school district to the other. The positive is that schools are open and while not perfect and is challenging, it is a big step forward.

High school athletics are governed by the NCHSAA (North Carolina High School Athletic Association).  Like the return to school situation, the return to sports has been even more challenging. After approving a return to summer workouts in June, the NCHSAA set a school year sports calendar for a abbreviated season for all sports for the 20-21 school year. The official seasons for volleyball and cross country November 4th. Swimming and Diving got underway later in the month.

The NCHSAA as well as the school districts  have done great work in getting the student athletes back on the field and court.

Just as much, with COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines sometimes changing weekly for sports teams, the student athletes adjust to the changes and move on…. “They are just happy to be back on the field and court.”

As parents and fans..we need to realize the challenges and setbacks the student athletes have faced the last 8 months.  It’s not about wins and losses…Just be proud to see them do what they do.. COMPETE !!!

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