The “Sports Dad”….As a Coach…Parent…A Role Model…Inspiration…In the Life of Youth Athletes

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Happy Fathers Day!

Daily Blog…June 20 2020   The Sports Dad….As A Parent …Coach…A Role Model …Inspiration… In The Life of Youth Athletes

The Sports Dad, as a parent or coach  is a role that can be described in many ways. As a Dad of a young athlete your kids look to you for advice and guidance in life as well as sports. As a dad you hope that your work schedule allows you to be at practice and games in the early years of youth league sports. That father son/daughter sports relationship grows over the years and for some into the high school sports years. Dads support, critique and offer guidance to help their son or daughter be the best they can be.

As your son or daughter moves to middle school and high school sports, their coaches take more responsibility in developing your kids on the field or court. As a Sports Dad your role does not change, you will always be the number one supporter of your young athlete.

A Sports Dad/Coach, whether as coach of your son or daughter or a coach in general,  the role is much the same.  As a coach of your kids team, you have a dual role,  with a team of players looking to you for guidance and support.  You get accused of playing “Daddy Ball” or>  showing favoritism to your son or daughter. In reality many coaches are harder on their kids and expect more out of them. As a Sports Dad, prepare your athlete for reality, in that when they reach high school athletics, the best players will be the ones on the field or court. Coaches in many ways are father figures, they teach life lessons that will impact student athletes for the rest of there life.

As a student Athlete and the end of the 2020 School year, some with continue their athletic careers in college, while many have played their last games on the field or court.  As the “Class of 2020” Student Athletes move to the next phase of your lives, take take time to thank your Dad for all he has done for you over the years as a “Sports Dad”.. Tell them Happy Fathers Day !! and you love them.   Happy Fathers Day.. All Sports Dads…Coaches!! Thanks for all you do!!