Agree To Disagree…Respect Others…No One Size Fits All Solution to Return to School/Sports Issue

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Daily Blog.. August 9 2020   Agree To Disagree…Respect Others …There Is No One Size Fits All Solution…. To Return To School..Sports Issue

The division and difference of opinion on the safe return to school and youth and high school sports is at a high level in our country, state and community. While opinions differ, It is vital that our nation wins the battle with the COVID-19 Virus and our kids return to school as well as youth and high school sports.

All you have to do is read a social media thread on issues related to the return to school or sports and see the defined difference in opinions of parents. On the return to school issue in our area it is either in classroom learning , remote or virtual online learning. Some parents feel it time for the students to return to in class instruction while others feel its unsafe for students to return to in school instruction at this time. The state government decided to open school with either plan B ..A combination of in school instruction and remote/virtual learning. Plan C is all remote or virtual learning. The County School District makes the decision on Plan B or C for there district. Pender and Onslow Schools both decided to begin the year with Plan B. Yes, unlike many area school districts, Pender and Onslow parents have all choices. In school learning, remote learning or all  virtual learning. Choose what is right for your kids and respect the decision of others. Many parents in other districts don’t have the right to choose. Be Grateful!!

Yes, our schools and education of our kids should have priority and importance over sports. With that said, studies show that extracurricular activities such as sports and arts are a vital part of the high school education system.

Professional sports are returning and hopefully college sports in a few weeks. Yes they have a different look with no fans, very strict protocols including some leagues operating in a bubble.

While some youth leagues have put their programs on hold or postponed to a later date, many travel sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, soccer are holding tournaments across the state this summer.

The high school sports situation is a little more complicated.  Like the return to school process, high school athletics has more hurdles to clear before decisions are made. The NCHSAA (NC High School Athletic Association) is the governing body. As of now the official start of the fall sports season has been postponed until sometime after Sept 4 2020.  Once a decision is approved by the NCHSAA the county school districts vote for approval. The NCHSAA will update the fall sports season situation in the next week or so.

Just my opinion only… In the return to school…return to sports questions… the best option is to provide parents with choices… One size does not fit all.  In professional sports, athletes are given a opt out option if they don’t feel safe in returning for the current season. In youth sports the choice is simple. If parents don’t feel their kid will be safe they just do not sign them up to play.

Again just my opinion, but why not allow parents of high school athletes have a choice. If they feel the return to the field or court to not be safe? Opt out for the current season. If parent wishes to allow their kid to play…have the parents sign a liability waiver for the season.  Just a thought, remember one size don’t fit all.

The NCHSAA and local school districts have to make difficult decisions, knowing they will be unpopular by some. They do so with the best interest and safety of the student athletes.

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