As High School Athletics Have More Normalcy…Coaches Challenges Continue

Pender Patriot Football Head Coach Tom Eanes

Pender Patriot Football Head Coach Tom Eanes

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As High School Athletics Have More Normalcy…Coaches Challenges Continue

The last two years have been a challenge for coaches.. With the COVID-19 Pandemic…school shut downs…sports cancellations and Covid safety protocols .

The current school year has been more of a return to normalcy. With that said, the responsibilities and pressure on coaches has increased.  There is no way to replace the off season strength training and skill development missed from the Pandemic Shutdowns and cancellations over the last two years.

Using football as an example.. the “Class of  2022” football players completed their varsity football careers (Junior..Senior) season in 8 months. That does not include much time for player development? All coaches in all sports faced the same challenges the last couple years.

As it is every year, high school coaches retire ..move or advance to different schools..or are let go by their school administration.  Coaching changes are common every year throughout the state.

For the student athletes/players.. head coach changes are a difficult adjustment. Players need the leadership and guidance from there head coach. With a new coach ..its a new coaching philosophy and direction for the team and program.

Head coach vacancies need to be filled as soon as possible..Its not fair to the team and players..They need that guidance..leadership and direction..

Most coaches are also teachers.  It’s is not uncommon for a coach to spend 12-14 hours a day at the school in a given day. . A lot of time at the school..a lot of time away from the coaches family.

The sacrifices of a coach are tremendous. It’s not for the money the coach makes or the wins and losses. It’s all about having a impact..making a difference in their players life.

Appreciate..Respect.and Thank Your  coach today!!!