Pender County Schools….Difficult Decisions … In Adverse Times

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Pender County Schools…Difficult Decisions…In Adverse Times

It has been a very challenging couple of years for Pender County. In September 2018 Hurricane Florence devastated the county with property damage and flooding. The schools were closed for over a month. In September 2019 Hurricane Dorian and in March 2020, Coronavirus COVID-19 closed the schools and forced the cancellation of the spring high school sports season. Over the the last couple years the Pender County School Board, in challenging times has had to make many very difficult decisions.

With Hurricane Florence and the property damage to the school building and mold issues adding to the cost of repairs. Pender County Schools found a way to get the students safely back to school.

With the Corona Virus Pandemic, the 2020 Senior Class was dealt the unfortunate uncertainty of graduation ceremonies and what they would look like? The Pender School board had an indoor option as well as outdoor ceremonies on the football field. The outdoor graduation ceremonies were as close to normal as possible within the COVID-19 guidelines.

The return to school plans for August 17 are official. After surveying the parents before making the decision, The board approved a plan of a in school/Virtual learning combination with a option of all virtual learning for the parents.

The return to sports .. The Pender School Board approved the return to restricted summer workouts on July 6. Only 60% of the school districts in N.C. have approved summer workouts,The official start to the fall sportsl season has been postponed until at the earliest September 1.

Pender County parents should be grateful and appreciative to have Pender County Schools for the support and hard work for the students of Pender County…!!