Pender High School Senior – Kelvin Robinson – Leader On Both Sides Of The Ball For Patriots Football Team

Kelvin Robinson | Pender High School

Kelvin Robinson
Pender High School

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Pender High School Senior – Kelvin Robinson- Leader on both sides of ball for Patriots football team

 Area teams are hoping to reach their pre-season goal of advancing to the NCHSAA State Playoffs as the regular season winds down. With the fall season in the air, teams are hoping for cooler game time temperatures. Teams have been in preparation for the current season since early summer. Heat and humidity, makes hydration of the players a daily challenge for teams. Especially with regular season games beginning in mid-August and games time temperatures of 90 plus degrees.  For two way (players on both offense and defense) for their team, hydration is even more challenging for the players.

Pender High School senior Kelvin Robinson, a two-way player on the Patriots football offense and defense team. Robinson, a running back and middle linebacker is a leader on both sides of the ball for the Patriots football team this season. Pender Head Coach, Tom Eanes shared some positive thoughts on his senior player. “Kelvin is always going 100 percent, quiet and reserved player, he just brings it between the lines,” said Eanes. Kelvin listens to your scouting report and becomes another coach on the field.” He is a really good athlete who likes the weight room, kelvin leads the team in tackles and is a 1000 yard rusher. That’s a great combination.” Said Eanes. “ Kelvin is a fine young man and a pleasure to coach.”

Kelvin Robinson- 2022 stats (Through 8 games)


  • 1000 Yards Rushing
  • 125 rushing yards per game
  • 18 Touchdowns


  • 83 Tackles
  • 4 tackles per game
  • 17 Tackles for loss

Robinson, a team player is focused on helping his team be the best they can be as they close out the regular season and enter the state playoffs

Kelvin Robinson – TYSD Media – Male High School Spotlight…”Athlete of the Week

Kelvin Robinson | Pender High School

Kelvin Robinson
Pender High School